About Us

Welcome to Bamerbio

BAMER BIO is a young Team of Pharmaceutical Professionals, from different domains of the Pharma industry with more than 60 years of experience, who have come together with an idea of “ Integrating Pharmaceuticals With Nutraceuticals”, to make the lives better and happier with Evidence-based product formulations from different parts of the world. We believe in the word “BETTER “ since 2017 we are in the pursuit of identifying and integrating the therapeutic nutraceuticals to optimize the patient's wellness, We could establish evidence of integrating Nutraceuticals with Pharmaceuticals in therapy areas of Dermatology, Cosmetology, and NeuroPsychiatry by offering products to augment and optimize the outcomes which are patient satisfactory. Our consistent and continuous efforts to optimize the pharmaceutical outcomes across the therapy areas have motivated us to build a strong pipeline of evidence-based products to bring in newer Augmenting therapies and allowed us to create Responsible, evidence-based, consumer-centric Solutions.